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Getting started on dealing with the stressful times in your life can feel daunting. Especially if the stress is caused by those you love or work with.

You don't have to live life this way. With guidance from Ruth, you'll be feeling so much more motivated.

Learn the five steps you need to take, to BOUNCE BACK FROM STRESS!  You won't regret it!


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Course Outline

  • Welcome To Five Steps To Bounce Back From Stress FREE PREVIEW

Getting Started


  • Lesson 1 Are You Feeling Stressed FREE PREVIEW
  • Lessons 2 Signs of Stress FREE PREVIEW
  • Lesson 3 Recap Let's Get Started FREE PREVIEW
  • Let's Get Started Workbook FREE PREVIEW

Step One: Start


  • Lesson 4 Step 1- Start FREE PREVIEW
  • Lesson 5 Three Gifts FREE PREVIEW
  • Lesson 6 Recap of Step 1- Start FREE PREVIEW
  • Step One: Start Workbook FREE PREVIEW

Step Two: Team


  • Lesson 7 Step 2 Team
  • Lesson 8 Roles in Your Life
  • Lesson 9 Getting The Balance Right
  • Lesson 10 Recap of Step 2 Team
  • Step Two: Team Workbook

Step Three: Emotions


  • Lesson 11 Step 3 Emotions
  • Lesson 12 Positive and Negative Emotions
  • Lesson 13 Two Choice
  • Lesson 14 Take Time Out to Plan
  • Step Three: Emotions Workbook

BONUS: Emotional Wellbeing Supportive Materials


  • Lesson 15 - Personal Wellbeing |Audit
  • Lesson 16 - Are You Balanced?
  • Lesson 17 - Recap of Step 3 Emotions
  • Lesson 18 - Don't Let The Presure Cooker Explode
  • Step Three Bonus: Emotional Wellbeing Booklet

Step Four: Positivity and Postive Thinking


  • Lesson 19 Step 4 Positivity and Physical Wellbeing
  • Lesson 20 Achievements
  • Lesson 21 Proactively Plan For Change
  • Lesson 22 Recap Step 4 Be Committed to Change
  • Step Four: Positivity and Positive Thinking Workbook

Step Five: Success


  • Lesson 23 Step 5 Success
  • Lesson 24 Stages of a Butterfly
  • Lesson 25 Did You Receive Your Gifts?
  • Lesson 26 Recap of Step 5 - Affirmations
  • Step Five: Success Workbook

Coping Strategies


  • Lesson 27 Coping Strategies
  • Ten Coping Strategies



  • Lesson 28 How To Bounce back From Stress
  • Celebrate Your Success



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About Your Instructor

Ruth Pearson

Ruth Pearson

Senior Instuctor

Ruth Pearson is an inspiring, transformational wellbeing coach, trainer, author and motivational speaker. Her book 'Say Yes to New Opportunities! Be Motivated to L.E.A.R.N.' was the catalyst for the creation of this course.

Using her experiences from over 30 years working in the education sector, including her roles working as a senior leader, together with her experiences from the wellbeing and business sectors, she has created two bespoke programmes -   5STEPS2LEARN and Empowering Transformations. 

She created this online course using resources from an actual training session she delivered to clients, as she wanted you to experience live training. 

Ruth would like to show you how you too can transform your wellbeing in practical ways, to bring out your greatness within.


Personal Wellbeing

Professional Wellbeing

Stress Management

Action Planning

Proactively Planning For Changes

Positive Mindset


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